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todays outfit was rad 
I love this bag so much (´・3・`)

Waaah I know I’ve posted these before but I’m super desperate to get them sold right now because I could really use the money.

Barbie dress: Size Small, NEW unworn £10 w/ shipping

Large bodyline bag: super cute print, leather strap and glitter. £8 w/ shipping

I’m actually going to be really sad to see these go, especially the bag because it’s so pretty but I rarely ever wear outfits that it would co-ordinate with and I feel like someone could put it to much better use. 

If you’re outside of the UK I can ship overseas too c: Postage would probably be about £7 more. 

Stuff for sale! Feedback:

Barbie print skater dress (Fits XS/Small) £14 shipped UK. £18 US.

Bodyline rockinghorse shoes (UK size 7/US 9) £35 UK. £40 US.

^ Pretty much only worn to try. I love them and they’re comfy but the weather conditions over here mean I can barely wear them so I’m trying to get some money together for some Demonia shoes and Doc Martens.

Bodyline (large) mint candy print w/ sparkle bag.  £10 UK. £13 US.

If you’re interested message me c:

I just got this dress a few hours ago, when I got home I decided it wasn’t really my style after all so I’m looking to sell it quickly. It’s barbie print, back and front. Fits a size XS or S. A medium could probably wiggle into it too. I’m looking for £15 with shipping included. If you’re in the US, I’d happily ship there for a few extra pounds (18???) send me a message if you’re interested <3 

I could really use with selling this stuff, because I’m hard up for money and ahjgdfjdf. So yeah, if you would be more comfortable with me making an ebay listing of this stuff I could but I use tumblr to avoid fees.

Anyways, here’s what I have:

Bodyline studded rockinghorse shoes: £30 shipped UK (Will ship US for an extra £10)

Pretty much perf. Wore them in a video once, that’s it.

They’re a UK size 7 (US 9?)

Pink rhapsody wig: £18 (Will ship US for an extra £5)

Bangs have been cut, but not super short.

Check my “/tagged/me” for photos of it.

Green cosplay wig £8 shipped UK (£3 extra US)

Never worn or cut.

If you’re interested message me. Thank you. c:

Posting one last time.
I have a pair of lockshop buns in black that needs selling!
£10 shipped UK
£14 shipped US 
If you want tracking shipping will be higher.
They’re pretty much unworn. I’m selling them because I don’t think I’ll wear them.